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While golf does require skill and technique, it is still meant to be enjoyed and the experience should be relaxing. If you get angry over bad shots or you find that you are not enjoying the game, you should back up and re-evaluate your reasons for playing the game. Try to look at things from a new perspective. It is a game that tests your skill - but it should not test your patience!

Choose your golf aids carefully. A great deal of money can be wasted on aids, courses, and videos that turn out to not be any help at all. When possible, buy used aids, courses, and videos. Save your golfing money for more important things - like clubs, balls, and tees! Used clubs aren't very good - used training equipment usually works quite well.

Golf is great exercise. Riding in a golf cart defeats that purpose though. Walk, don't ride! Save the cart for the days when you really are too old to walk a short distance - take advantage of the exercise that you will get by walking from one tee to the next, and take the time to actually enjoy the walk!...read more >>

Golf Etiquette
Iíve played with a lot of golfers who truly take the game of golf seriously and a lot of golfers who donít. Itís okay to have fun out there, keeping in mind respect for other players who do take it serious.

The tee box

Think of the tee box as a stage with a spotlight. Everybody gets his or her turn to shine. Try to remain quiet and out of the golferís view, including your shadow that may hinder the golferís concentration at address. The best position to stand when a player is addressing the golf ball would be to the other side, opposite of his golferís arm extension. You should be standing far enough back to see the club head and golf ball of the player addressing the ball. By taking this position, you would definitely be giving the player room to concentrate, unless he can see your shadow or hear the chatter of your clubs or talk...read more »

Golf Rules

Rule 1 -- The Game

  • A. The holes of the course must be played in order (l through 9, 10 through 18 or 1 through 18).
  • B. You must always play by the Rules. You are not allowed to change them...read more »

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