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Shark Valley Trails
E V E R G L A D E S   N A T I O N A L   P A R K

  Bobcat Boardwalk - 0.5 miles (400 meters). Behind the Shark Valley Visitor Center. This self-guiding boardwalk trail meanders through the sawgrass slough and tropical hardwood forests. Wheelchair accessible.

Otter Cave Hammock Trail - 0.25 miles (200 meters). At Shark Valley, 0.5 miles (400 meters) walk from the Shark Valley Visitor Center on the tram road. A rough, limestone trail through a lush, tropical hardwood forest. Often flooded during the summer; check at the Visitor Center for current conditions.

Tram Road - 15 miles (24 km) round trip. This flat, paved road is used for tram rides, bicycling, and walking. Along the road you may see alligators, herons, egrets, deer, turtles, and snail kites (Rostrhamus sociabilis plumbeus). An observation tower at the half-way point provides panoramic views. Bicycles may be rented from the Shark Valley Tram Tour company. Bicycling the tram road is an excellent way to see the Everglades! Note that groups of 20 bicyclists or more require a Special Use Permit.

Trails in the Gulf Coast Area

There are no hiking trails at the Gulf Coast Visitor Center, although nearby areas such as Fakahatchee State Preserve and Big Cypress National Preserve offer trails. Several canoe/kayak trails begin at or near Gulf Coast.

Royal Palm/Long Pine Key Trails
Flamingo Trails
Biking the Shark Valley Tram Road

Wildlife Watching

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